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Download the Mobile App -- Sponsored by OFS

The mobile app will be your one-stop to see your personalized itinerary, attendee list, and information on our Partners and Sponsors.

Access the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for ERMobile. {Do not download EROnsite or ERLead.}

Once downloaded, log in with your email address  and your registration id

You can interact with other attendees on the App; check the Schedule of Events, View the Program and Speakers and more.

We’ll be sending push notifications through the App during the conference. Please make sure you say “yes” when it asks you if you want to receive push notifications from the app.

If you already have ERMobile downloaded on your phone from a previous Conference, you must logout of the app (under Settings) and log back in with your new registration credentials to update to the 2019 event.